Gelato Bam Bam

Fremantle, Western Australia

Gelato Bam Bam are not just making gelato; they are crafting an artisanal masterpiece.

Founded in Fremantle, Western Australia, Gelato Bam Bam upholds traditional crafting methods, proudly sourcing the finest local ingredients to support the community. Each batch is aged overnight, ensuring perfect velvety, creamy textures. Their journey embodies a fusion of heritage and innovation.

The brand and packaging design is an ode to retro Australiana summers. Chasing the ice cream truck down after a day at the beach and ice cream melting down your sunburned arm. There is also a nod to the birthplace of gelato and 1960’s Italian dessert brands, celebrating bright colours, cute characters and fun, bubbly typography.

Character by Blair Maxine
Animations by Ahmed Elhdad