Kimberley Aboriginal Artists

Kimberley Region, Western Australia

Logo + Brand Design Development

KAA is a powerful alliance that brings together Kimberley Art Centres to showcase the amazing contemporary artists and artwork of the region. Aboriginal owned and governed, the centres bring economic independence to artists by building a viable business and supporting the social, cultural and financial aspirations of members.

The direction was to portray modern indigenous art in a more contemporary way. For many years there has been a stigma to the presentation of similar organisations and art centres. There is no connection between designer and client which is usually driven by government funding. The end results tend to lean on cliche cultural references and misrepresent some of the world class artwork being produced in these regions.

The unique boulder formations of the Kimberley Region are the inspiration behind the design of the brand logomark.

Featuring the artwork of John Prince Siddon, Judy Mengil & Daisy Japulija.

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