Primal X

New York, USA

Art Direction, Branding + Packaging Design

For centuries. As bros found their way into the new world, they lost their way.
As men, many bros were tricked into believing that grooming and skin care was for soccer moms, teenage girls and pussies. But that’s far from the truth.
In ancient Greece warriors had skin care routines before the great battles, Alexander The Great who conquered most of the known world, brought his skin care routine with him on his conquest to show strength and authority.
Ernest Hemingway, known around the world as a man’s man, encouraged other manly bros to care for their skin.
And that’s why this brand needs to exist. Primal X Facial Cleanser.
It’s made from the manliest stuff on earth. It’s for dudes who give a fuck.
For bros to walk the path of greatness and to become who you’re meant to be.